October 4th, 2009

pets: the Zoey-monster

It's raining, it's pouring....

and the puppy has a name: Snips. When we're mad at her, it's Ahsoka. (Why, yes, this IS a house full of geeks, why do you ask? For the record, SWEET GEEK named her, not me or the kids. :lol:) She's a smart bugger - and highly-energetic. (Duh!) While I do NOT condone dumping, I can understand why someone would want to rehome her - she jumped (almost) onto the back of the couch this morning, ran rings around the kids, and bounces outside to investigate every time Bailey barks (he's a Pyr...he barks at the rain. At the leaves falling/not falling. At the horses. :lol:). She's already housebroken, very sweet-natured. I just.....damn, people - CraigsList is free! So are the online classifieds of many local papers! She's lucky we were there and in a position to take her home! (Had she been older, we would have had to leave her - Zoey is very territorial. She's young enough, though, that Zoey is OK with her. Even let her nip her tail this morning. :lol:)

Smart as a whip, though - "sit" took 3 tries. The pet door took nothing more than her watching Zoey go inside. She's already tried to herd the kids - that's going to need work. She hasn't nipped them yet, just *at* them, but....

THAT is the nature of her breed. Upon further looking, she seems to be either a pureblood blue heeler, or blue heeler/Aussie mix. I found 1 breeder that has a puppy that looks similar to her, and he claims it's pure heeler. Then again, the heeler *I* had was all "freckled" so......:shrug: That she's some sort of herding dog, we're sure - and she'll be a big help when we get goats.

We got 2.5" of rain overnight, and it's been raining all day. We're currently at 3.5"....needless to say, we haven't been in the sukka at ALL today. Wetter than wet, and soggy.

At least something good came out...we did buy a 20 gallon Live Oak yesterday at Home Despot. They had them marked down to $29. We might just go back - their Red Oaks are also marked down, and the Magnolias are $39. (The 50 gallon Live Oaks are $95.....the ones at the nursery we went to a few weeks ago were $250 EACH + delivery. Planting was another $75. :boggle:

The Game starts in a few minutes. Save me from Football fans! (At least he didn't want to name the puppy after the Cowboys....*that's* something!)