October 6th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

Rainy Tuesday...

First up: Go read George Ure this morning. Seriously - GO READ IT. You don't have to believe me that we are headed to a Global Currency, AND a Global Religon....it starts here. Soon. He includes links, and explains it in laymen's terms.

OK. Now that *that's* off my chest...dogs are acclimating. I found some herd dog training sites yesterday, and have a hazy idea of how to proceed with Snips. Just need to get some dog-trained cows/goats for her to learn on.

Lunch date today - Sweet Geek has a lesson tomorrow. :whee: I need to hit Half Price - I saw the trailer for "Men who stare at goats"..and I need the book. NEED it. :lol: The trailer is too, too funny!

Gotta skitter - boss lady should be in momentarily.
Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

Just a quickie...

aren't ya'll lucky, 2 in one day? :lol:

The iPhone seems to be fine. I sync'd it with the Dell (where it "lives"; last time I sync'd it with the Mac), then turned it off all evening. It came right up this morning, and - so far - is doing fine. :whew: Didn't need to spend money I don't have replacing my phone! (And, since I have a year to go on the contract, I'd *have* to replace it. No sense spending $$ on 2 plans.)

Speaking of Mac....Mac's have a thing called "Dashboard" on thier "dock". The dock is sorta like a laptop's desktop - except your icons are hidden until you hover over the bottom of the screen. Anyway - on your dashboard are "widgets" - little programs that stay there, easy to access. Like, a calendar, or a calculator. You can download others.....and boy, there are some COOL free ones out there.

Like my Earthquake monitor. Or my Moon-phase. Or my Asteroid/Meteor tracker (from JPL! How cool is that??).

I'm wondering if there is something similar for PCs out there - especially the Earthquake monitor and Asteroid tracker. Anyone know? These sit on/in the Dashboard, and update continually. They're way cool - I don't have to go online to see this stuff anymore. :grin:
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