October 7th, 2009

Firefly: We're all gonna die

Still raining....

and supposed to rain more tonight. I'm glad we were promised that the world wouldn't flood again - I just hope my l'il part of it is included! :grin:

Snips has a fascination of my sheepie houseshoes. She has the unconquerable urge to grab on and haul it outside - she hasn't *chewed* on it, yet, just picked it up and ran off with it. I figure, if she's looking for something to chew on, it wouldn't be my houseshoes - it'd be the kids' outdoor shoes. They smell of interesting (to a dog) things, like: chickens, horses, mud from the creek, mud from the pasture, cats..you know, cool stuff. My houseshoes? Indoors only. Maybe she's trying to herd it? :lol:

I made pancakes this AM...the kids were happy.

Mom has a biopsy Friday, and I'm trying to get off for that.

Need to finish the barn - we're with goat, and need someplace to put 'em.

Need to get back on the knitting bandwagon....I've lost my mojo. Again.

Need to make sure I have enough supplies on hand for the 4 of us, just in case Ure is right and the dollar goes *poof*. Won't hurt, might help. I can't help the rest of the world, but I can take care of my family. (Need to stock up on critter feed, too!)

Ms boss locked herself out of the house this AM. This is going to be a FUN day, I can tell.