October 14th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Where's Noah?

I need to ask him some questions. :sigh: Yes, it's raining again. We got another 1.5" yesterday. Also got Mom's truck stuck...to the point I had to use the Kubota to get her out. I love my tractor...don't love it so much in the rain and mud.

We're looking at getting a load of gravel in. This is ridiculous - we are mud to our elbows, just about. It's icky, it's gloppy...it's bad.

Not much else to report, unless you want to hear that I have only knit 2 rows on the sweater, it's raining so I haven't touched the barn, the horses are muddy messes, the dogs are muddy-pawed......I'm seeing a theme, here. :lol: