October 20th, 2009

pets: Finn

Getting my goat...

I decided to post my goat info here - some of it I may have posted before, some of it's new. I tend to over research stuff, and I don't mind sharing to keep your valuable time free for other stuff. I know a lot of you aren't "doing" goats....but you never know. The way the economy is going, you might find yourself in a position to *need* a safe dairy supply, and goats are the cheapest and best way to do it. So...that being said, here we go:

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*whew* That was long! But important - guys, things are bad now...and it's only going to get worse. I'm trying to get things together so my family and I will have food....IF I'm right, prices are going to shoot up so high, and incomes are going to drop. You have to have food/water....I'd rather grow as much of my own as possible. I ran the numbers - I can provide my family with ALL our dairy needs for much much less than buying commercial. (My eggs, too, come to think of it - but that's a different topic!). Plus - the excess kids will provide us with meat, and the Cashemere goats will give us warm clothing.

IF I'm wrong - I'm still saving my family money. I don't think I'm wrong, though....