October 21st, 2009

Dr Horrible: Sarcasm

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

AGAIN. At least it's not "still"...but again is bad enough. We're supposed to get another 3.5" today....:sigh: At least we won't be a mud-lolly again! (But.....this means we may not be able to go get more tin this weekend. :bangs head:

Mom started chemo yesterday - so far, no ill effects.

Anna gave me an idea - she found an ad for long fingerless gloves, and mused on how they'd be useful for chilly milkings. Well, I won't buy something I can make, so I dug around in the stash, found some bright yarn, and had the kids pick. (It's not superwash, though...I don't have much of that, surprisingly. Hand-wash only...oh, well!). Himself picked (what else?) a blue/gray/purple blend (leftovers from his 2005 hat and mitten set) and Herself picked some screamingly loud orange/pink/yellow (leftovers from her 2006 hat - the "tropicana" and purple fair-isle one. :shudder: You can see her coming from MILES away in that - if we had snow here, she'd blind you, it's so bright.) Himself's first mitt is almost done - I'm at the wrist now. Just need to bind off 2 stitches for the thumbhole, knit 1.5", CO 2, knit another...1" or so, 1/2" ribbing, and I'll be ready to start #2. 24 stitches on size 8s goes pretty fast. :lol: I just need to find the right yarn for me and Sweet Geek now.....(could take some time. I have....a stash. Not as large as some, true, but....I'll leave it at that. :lol:)

According to the PO, my milk pail is in. I just need to try and get there before they close. I also got the butter mold and hoof-trimming kit; all that's left to come is the cream separator (it's coming from Russia, and was mailed out Sunday evening our time. We'll see.....the seller has 100% feedback from over 300 people, so I feel a little more comfortable than I did with the electric one that never showed. :sigh:) I still need to get a 3rd Maggidan's, teat dip cup, and strip cup - but I'm in no rush. I have enough to get started. (Oh, and a butter churn - but if worse comes to worse, I can MacGyver one up. :lol:)

Off to read Urban Survival....