October 23rd, 2009

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Friday round-up

Let's see....we got 3.5" of rain yesterday. In 24 hours. Like we needed it. Good news: the crushed concrete is DRY, very few puddles, and NO MUD. :happy dance:

Finished Himself's fingerless mitts....and they are a titch too tight. He can wear them...but getting them on is not pretty. :sigh: I'm not sure what went wrong - I measured, my gauge was right for the width, I knit loose, not tight...but, there ya go. No biggie - I have *plenty* of that yarn left to make another (larger) pair, and I can find a kid with the right-sized arm for these. :lol: He's OK with it.....so, there it is.

Herself's mitts are coming right along - I knit the first one yesterday, and am almost done with the cuff of #2. These really are a fast knit: Ribbed cuff to 1" or 1.5", knit to the base of the thumb, BO 2/4/6 for the thumb opening (2 for Himself, 4 for Herself/me), knit back and forth for 1.5", CO same as you bound off, knit for .5", then rib to the correct length. Easy-peasy, and fast - I can knit straight without thinking/looking, so I can read/watch TV/talk at the same time. :shrug:

Leaving at noon today to tackle Himself's room. We want to keep the weekend free for barn-building. I will be running laundry (it's dry/sunny today, so the clothesline will get a workout. :whee:) and scrubbing floors/walls - Sweet Geek will be doing the heavy lifting.

Wanted to get tin (the guy still has a bunch, Praise the Lord!), but it's TOO muddy. We've tentatively set it up for next week - Sweet Geek wants to take 2 days off to get the barn DONE. Goats due to arrive first weekend in November....so we only have 2 weeks to finish.

I'm hoping to find all the old/too small hats and mittens in Himself's room today. I know a few people with younger kids that might like some winter hats...IF they're still usable. :fingers crossed: It's not a big deal to me - I knit all the time, anyway, and we have PLENTY of hats/mittens/yarn to make more. Don't need to keep the outgrown items....so should pass them on. Harder to get Herself to agree to this - her orange and purple fair-isle hat is TOO small, but she will NOT let go of it. Yet. We'll work on that....her Fish hat fits perfectly, and she LOVES it, so...maybe that'll help.