November 1st, 2009

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Busy busy busy

Seems like a theme around here - boring stuff during the week, then we work our butts off on the weekend. This week was no different.

Friday, Sweet Geek framed out most of the barn proper - he got my new window framed in! (It's PERFECT; about 3' x 5', and lets in tons of light. EXACTLY what I wanted!) He got a new plug on the trailer, and got his truck fitted with electric brakes and the proper light hook-up for the trailer. He also picked up horse/chicken/goat feed. While he didn't feel like he accomplished much, he really did. :grin:

Saturday: Most of the day was spent in the truck. It took almost 5 hours to pick up tin (1 hour there and back, 2 hours to load, then we stopped at Home Depot to get the skylight panels and screws. :whew: Lots of sitting!), so we really didn't do much work when we got home. Still, we got one side of the doe area tinned (up to the window).
Before we left, we moved all the feed barrels from the shed to the new feed room, then unloaded all the grain.

Sunday: Ah. Yes. That would be today. We got the roof on over the feed and milk rooms - kind of necessary, since all the feed was now in there. THAT was fun...not. I am a bit afraid of heights, and while 11' isn't *that* high, it's a bit nerve-wracking to be on top of a 13' ladder trying to screw tin into 2x4s. The "highlight" of my day was when I had to sit on the roof to tighten up the seams. :shudder: At least we know the roof is sturdy! :twitch: We also tinned half of the other side of the doe area, and sunk 2 posts for the kid area inside the barn. And put a doorknob on the barn door.

I have photos, but am too tired to fiddle with them. I'll have to load them later.....when I'm not so brain-dead. I is TIRED. :yawn: And it took 45 minutes to get all the tar off of me....roof tar is nasty stuff. Hint: Dawn Original formula (the BLUE Dawn!) removes it. Takes a bit of scrubbing, more tar! My clothes, on the other hand....not sure what I'm gonna do there....