November 3rd, 2009

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

It's Tuesday...

and I have a lunch date with the hubster. (We moved it to Tuesday for many reasons, the only one I'm willing to admit to being his violin lesson usually falls on Wednesday. :lol:) So, today I'll be hitting Half Price at lunch I need more books. :grin:

Finn-the-brainless-stud-muffin somehow got OUT of the boy's paddock and into my neighbor's back 8, which just so happens to be where the girls are right now. :sigh: Stupid horse - he needs a visit with the vet like NOW. I do NOT need this hassle.....he's a gorgeous boy, with fantastic bloodlines - but the market is depressed (like, what? Really? :lol:) and I can't keep 2 intact males. Dusty has never given me any problems - he doesn't know he CAN jump the fence (it doesn't look like the stadium jumps we did in his hay-day...even though he was clearing 6' oxers with *ease*. Of course, he only has 2 brain cells, and they're not in his head...) - so he'll be intact until the day he dies. Finn, on the other hand.....:sigh: Need to get a halter on him, first....gelding isn't that expensive, but you gotta be able to hold the horse still long enough for the sleepy-drugs to take effect. I'll worry about it AFTER the goat barn is done.

Speaking of, the feed room is hella dark at 5 AM. :lol: Need to figure out some sort of lighting.....battery operated lanterns will probably win. Am thinking same for morning milkings - IF we go that route. Still considering.....

Got a check in yesterday with 103 pages of detail....for $1,000. This particular check usually runs $20K/'ll be dealing with this for a while. I have to mark what type of interest each line is (Crash course in O&G accounting: 2 basic types of interest - Royalty and Working. Royalty is "free" money; Working means you pay your share of expenses. Tax consequences are different for both, so you have to separate them), then separate by year (this check goes back to *2004* :bangs head:)....good news is that I downloaded the detail from the purchaser's website; bad news is that they don't break out by interest type. :sigh: Ah, well - job security!

Off to color-code.....this is gonna be So Much Fun. Not. :lol: