November 4th, 2009

QOW: Zot

Wednesday musings.....

Let's the butter churn on Monday - it's nice. It's a 2-gallon ceramic one, brand new, food-safe. EBay price: $45, plus $13 in shipping. Not bad - antique ones go for about $75, the Daisy-type hand-crank ones are going for about the same or more. (And - they're smaller.)

Got my Premier 1 catalog last night, and it got me thinking. Our goats have ear tags - and they have to KEEP them, since they are from a Scrapie-free herd, that's registered with the gov't scrapie program. I'm OK with that....but I am NOT joining the program. Since we're not planning on *selling* goats, we're OK. Anyway....Premier 1 had a whole section on ear tags. I'm wondering if I need to get the tagger and tags for our goats (the tagger is like $14, the tags are silly-cheap. We might end up with $25 invested - for 20 tags and tagger.)

They use the tags for ID purposes - tag in left ear is buck/right ear is doe, this color for this year, etc. I'm not sure we *need* them...but we're looking at possibly 6 kids this year (maybe more!) and 10 or more next

With the butter churn, we now are all set up, dairy-wise. I need to build the milking stands - that's my project for next Wednesday (Veteran's Day - I'm off!). I'm also going to try to build the feeders - IF I have time. They're pretty simple, so...maybe.

Need to find hay.....