November 8th, 2009

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Just a quickie....

I have to get back to knitting. :lol: Sweet Geek and Herself are rafter-ing the barn (I can't *do* anything until the rafters are up, and I HATE sitting with nothing to do.) So...quick recap of the weekend so far:

Saturday: Got up at 4:30 thinking about my chullo. I put it down before my surgery in March, and haven't picked it back up again, because something was "off" about it. No, not the screwed up, roll-y edge - I'd figured out how to fix that (pick up stitches, and add a garter-stitch border. Tedious, but no biggie) - it was something...else. I was in bed, contemplating March and milking, and thought "Hey! My chullo would make a PERFECT milking hat - it has sheepies on it and everything!"

So, I hopped up out of bed (at 4:45 AM on a Saturday...I'm nuts.), and dug out the hat. And looked at it. It's...cute. (Denial only lasts so long, y'know.) It, it can't be..but it looks......Damn. Went into the kids' bathroom, shut the door (still with the denial), and. Put. It. On. Shitshitshitshitshit. It's too DAMN small. Like, 1" too small around - it won't even reach my ears - and ear flaps'll only do so much.

So. I cut the yarn. Then I actually sat down and figured my gauge.

See, I don't normally do a gauge swatch - not on small projects, anyway. I usually hit gauge with no problems (don't hate me. It's just blind luck), so this time I figured, OK, the KP yarn I'm using feels the same, grist-wise, as the LL sock yarn I love. I get 8 sts/inch with LL on size 2, this has the same grist, so - Size 2 it is! (Since the pattern calls for 8 sts/inch)

When I actually COUNTED stitches, I got 12 sts/inch. :gulp: No wonder the damn hat is too small. So. I have no size 3 circ, and I don't want to use DPNs for stranded knitting - I can, there's no problem, it's just more fiddly than I feel like right now (and the whole. Damn. Hat is stranded knitting - you use both ends of the ball and alternate in all the solid color portions. So....OK. :deep breath:

I got 12 sts/inch with size 2s. I'll probably get 10 sts/inch with size 3s, so let's move up to size 4s (which I happen to have handy) and see what we get.

I'm right at 8.5 sts/inch. The hat (I'm 3 rows from the sheepie right now) is a tad loose - but I can FIX that with a little hot water and agitation. Even if it doesn't tighten up any, I'd rather it be a bit loose - I can bun my hair and wear it over the bun. (I'm betting it'll shrink like anything, though - the knitting is a bit loose, and a tad floppy - usually signs that I can full it a bit with judicious washing.)

So......I CO, and started in. I remembered to do the border in garter (purling 162 stitches isn't my favorite thing, but it's ok.), and I'm MUCH happier with it. We'll see how I feel when I get to the sheep. :lol:

Barn: We started yesterday at 8 (yes, I had 3 hours of knitting! Go me! Sweet Geek did breakfast - pancakes. Lovely man...), and, when we finished, the back of the barn was done, the side where the window is was almost done (need to cut 1 piece), the other side is almost done (need to cut 3 pieces of tin, and put up a whole one. We laid out the rest of the tin - *I* was afraid we'd need to go get more today for the roof. It LOOKS like we have enough - especially since we bought 3 more clear panels for the skylights (we use 2 at a time, to conserve the tin).

We also visited our pregnant goats last night - I had to take the breeder some of my feed, so she could switch them over gradually. They're fat, they're happy, and they are all (it looks) pregnant. :huzzah: We've GOT to get the barn done, though - they are coming home *next* weekend. :ack:

Gotta run - have some knitting to do!