November 18th, 2009

Firefly: Sudden Betrayal

Blah de blah de blah...

Need to call to see if we can pick up hay today. It's funny - I have money, he has hay, but he doesn't want to get with me. (He's baling. I *get* that, it's just funny that we can't work out a mutually beneficial schedule so I can give him my $$, and he can give me his hay. :lol:)

FF Socks: The Loop Stitch is killing my hands. :sigh: I am perservering, though....I WILL wear these socks at some point. AFTER the foot-dectemy. :lol:

Sweet Geek is off Friday, and will be running fence. Saturday is finish the barn OR ELSE day; Sunday the goats land. :panic: :flail:

Gotta skitter...