November 22nd, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

This will be short

because, well......the goats arrived YESTERDAY, the barn was NOT finished (at least the fence was!!), and the Cowboys are playing.

So...yesterday. Supposed to meet the hayman at 8. Got everyone up at 6:30, headed outside to find a flat on the truck. I fed horses while Sweet Geek changed the tire, we hitched up, then hit Denny's for breakfast (MISTAKE!) Service was So. Slow.....we called the guy, he was cool, and we managed to meet him at 8:45. Loaded 30 bales, and headed unload them again. :lol:

Sweet Geek decided the fence HAD to be done, so that's what we did. We had just finished tightening the last wire, and were trying to decide what to tackle on the barn first, when the phone rang.....the goats were loaded and would be here shortly. Insert Panic Attack.....we quickly finished the feeder and built a gate, so they'd stay in their part of the barn.

The rest of the daylight hours were spent discussing goat care.

This AM, got up, hit the grocery store, then started on the roof. The goats are settling in, but HATE the power tools. And our neighbor is shooting...something. :sigh:

We have the goat area almost completely roofed - but the game started, so.....:lol: It should be over at 3, which will give us about 2 hours of daylight to LEAST the goat area (needs a 4' piece, and it's DONE) will be done.

I need to go out and take a few more photos...I'll try to post 'em later.
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