November 23rd, 2009

Calvin: Faces

Weekend recap, now with pictures!

Since I did a quickie yesterday afternoon, I figured I could do a "proper" one now...but with pictures! Collapse )

In other news, the FF socks are DONE, and by done I mean done per the instructions. I was too tired last night to perform the footectomy...I'll try to do that tonight. Maybe - I brought my LL "Liberty" yarn with me today, some size 2 DPNs, and the Old Shale pattern. I need a new pair of easy socks.....

I really do. Most of my socks are 7 years old, and starting to wear. I gotta replace them, or I'll have no socks to wear (I only wear hand-made socks...yeah, I'm a sock-snob. That's why I knit! :lol:)

Photos of the socks, both pre- and post-surgery will be posted. Eventually....