November 27th, 2009

Calvin: Faces


No sleep last night for whatever reason. I was -and AM - exhausted, but...couldn't sleep. :bangs head: At least there are no plans for the day, other than having Dad over.

Did manage to finish the goat feeder after lunch/before the game yesterday. It's MUCH better, now - they can't push the hay out the back. I need to take photos.

Liberty Sock: at the heel flap. I had turned the heel, and moved down the gusset, but then tried it on. For some reason, I didn't knit the flap quite long enough. It fit, but...not "right". I dunno WHY I am having such a problem with heels lately. :sigh: Ah, well, I frogged it to the flap, and am (slowly - I am brain-dead) knitting it longer.

FF Sock: Haven't touched it. Won't until I get some sleep - don't wanna screw it up again. :sigh:

I feel so disconnected to everything lately.....think it's just the lack of sleep. :sigh: Will be hitting the Benedryl tonight, I think. :sigh:
me: cartoon

So. Tired.

Let's see...we did "celebrate" Black Friday, but not really by choice. Normally, I stay home - but this year, Tractor Supply had their Black Oil Sunflower Seed (BOSS) for $11.99/bag, and 50 pound bags of dog food for $19.99....and wood shavings for $5.97/bag. We needed all 3 - the goats didn't like the barn, because the dirt floor wasn't...suitable, or something, we were out of dog food (and it's usually $26.99/bag!), and both the chickens and goats LOVE BOSS. we went.

$150 later, we were home. :sigh: I got Herself some new mud boots (that actually FIT her, so Sweet Geek can have his back), a couple of magazines, and me some long-sleeved shirts. ($7.99/each.....I HATE spending that much money on clothes for me, but...bonus-time. :sigh: And they'll last, and they look nice......)

The goats LOVE the shavings! They actually came in and sniffed then sampled them. :lol: Silly critters.....the new and improved hay rack is great - no more wasted hay!

Dad came out around lunch-time today; he was impressed with the barn. Sweet Geek did a bang-up job on it - I love it! Still needs interior work, but we have time.

Socks: OK. I've looked at the FF sock without getting sick :lol:, so I'll be starting on it soon. I re-knit the heel flap on the Liberty sock, and am ready to run down the gusset (again.) I didn't get a nap today, so I'm trying to keep it to mindless knitting...I'm not up to anything difficult.

I am embarrassed to say that I......bought more sock yarn. :sigh: Yes, I am a charter-member of sock-knitters anonymous....I have......a.....decent-sized sock yarn stash. I really do....but yesterday during the game Sweet Geek asked for some "Cowboys" socks. You gotta understand, I have NO solid-color sock yarn - I LOVE the varigated/hand-painted/self-patterning yarns. Solid color sock knitting is BORING. Tedious. :blech: (Unless there are cables involved. That, I can get behind! :lol:) see, I HAD to go find some Cowboys-colored yarn in a suitable weight for socks. And I did......a lovely Alpaca/merino blend from Simply Socks. They had it in both silvery-gray AND royal blue....and each skein was enough for a pair of socks, and they had some really yummy varigated stuff in "my" colors...and I caved. It's Sweet Geek's fault! (Note to Self: Find a chart for a star. He wants the Cowboys star on his foot. :sigh:)

But today's splurge wasn't. :lol: DBNY had a HUGE sale on Indie-sock yarn....and, again, I am weak. I have yarn for 3 more pairs of socks on it's way.......but, see, you can NEVER have too many socks! And my sock drawer is running low, since all my older socks are wearing out (to the point that I honestly can NOT darn them!), and.....well....:sigh:

I need to knit some socks for the kids, but they are growing too damn fast. By the time I finish a pair, they've outgrown them....until they settle on a size, they'll have to make due with store-bought ones (much as I hate to admit that.....). Even tube socks don't last for long! (Please don't think that I don't knit for my kids - I do! Lots! Mostly hats and mittens and fingerless gloves. OK, mostly hats, lately - they LOVE funky hats. :sigh: not. But they aren't hurting in the hand-knits department. They also have a few pairs of hand-knit socks, so, again - they ain't hurting. They just outgrow the stuff So Fast!. It's why they don't currently have any hand-knit sweaters. I have one on the needles for Herself (started for me, but HATE the colors. She *loves* them, so...there ya go. Soon as I figure out the striping on the sleeves (self-striping yarn; the body is knit in the round. I can do "siamese sleeves", but the striping still won't be perfect. Until I come to grips with that, the project is I go ahead with it, knowing that the stripes won't be right, or do I find a complementary solid yarn and use that? I still can't make a decision.....) Himself is wearing her old sheep sweater.....there's a good year left in it (before he outgrows it). Anyway...)

Need to rustle up some non-turkey food. I am So. Sick. of Turkey. :lol: