December 6th, 2009

pets: Sun Dancer


Spent and cleaning. Fun stuff, fun stuff. We hit Wallyworld, and the kids are now pretty much equipped for the cold. As am I. :lol: The big thing was boots for was almost impossible to find short, slouchy boots in my size. And when I did....I had to pay $$ for them. :sigh: Payless was completely out, as was Thrallmart. Weird.

That took 3 hours of our morning...we came home, had lunch, and began the cleaning spree. The Master bath is now spotless, the family room is better, and the laundry room...well, we quit. Mice had gotten into the cabinet somehow :ick:, so we trapped 2 in there and locked the door. Caught 1 on the sticky trap; the snap-trap was still un-sprung this AM. I hate mice...

Got FF sock #1 DONE. Looks good, fits better. :lol: I put a glass sheep/goat's head on it - which works and will last longer than the felt one the pattern called for - but I need to find some jewelry findings and make the heads pin-on. The glass is a little too heavy for sewing on. Looks fantastic, though. :lol:

Worked a bit on my involved with Star Trek, know how that goes. Mindless knitting and movies work great.....2-color knitting is not mindless. For me, anyway.

Need to feed the critters, but it's 35* outside, and looks like snow. I'm all toasty warm.......what to do? (I know - the animals need to be fed. I'll do it in a minute. :lol:)