December 10th, 2009

SW: Yoda Santa

Back at work....

fun stuff. Found out we *are* getting a bonus this year :huzzah: Only, it's 2/3 of last year's bonus. :sigh: At least it's enough to pay the property taxes AND buy Sweet Geek's aunt a much needed stackable washer/dryer. It's NOT enough to replace my washer/dryer...:sigh: I need a new dryer - this one takes 2.5+ hours to dry 1 load. Oh, well.....I can wait. Guess I don't need it as bad as I thought I did.

I posted part of yestereday's entry on knitting - the part on the sock surgery. I guess I am a much better knitter than I thought - seems everyone is impressed. All I did was fix a mistake.....I think the amputation part is what gets people. :shrug: It was the easiest (and fastest!) way I could think of to salvage the socks.

I need to do an "Evolution of the fingerless glove" report - I am on V.4.0 now. The first one, I Cast Off for the thumb opening, the 2nd, I simply turned the knitting around to make the slit. V.3.0 had an actual thumb.....V.4.0 has an actual thumb gusset. I think we have a winner, here - I'm at the top ribbing of #1, and this one fits better, my thumb will be more protected (won't hurt that I'm going to knit a full thumb, instead of a tipless one. It's bloody COLD out here! 24* as I type...:brrrrr:). I'm still noodling around with the convertable top....the one on V.3.0 works, but is UGLY. (Himself doesn't care - the mittens fit *him*, and he's agitating for me to put a top on the 2nd one. :lol:) I've got a few ideas - I printed off a copy of Knitty's "Broadstreet Mittens" and am going to see if I can modify that top to my stitch count. (After the sock surgery, THIS will be a walk in the park! :lol:) I should do pictures, too......:grin:

Oh, yarn report: Wool Ease's Fisherman's Wool is suitable for fingerless mitts. The wrapper calls for size 9 7s work, but 6s seem to be perfect for this. 9s make the fabric too damn floppy...not at all warm enough. I think, if I were to knit boot socks from this, I'd go down to a 4...maybe a 5. Looking at the fabric from the 6s I'm using right now, though, I think a 4 would be best for socks. (Why yes, there ARE socks in this in my future. I don't even need my spinning wheel for that! (1))

Not much else to report - I spent most of yesterday rebooting the laundry and working on V.4.0. I'm hoping to have the time to work on my chullo this weekend - I NEED a hat!

(1) - running joke from the last 2 demos I've done, where a really bizarre lady asked me, in all seriousness, if I used my wheel to tell the future. No shit - I have witnesses! :shakes head: