December 13th, 2009

Firefly: Shiny Engine

Wonderful Weekend....

Yesterday was FANTASTIC. Sweet Geek made me breakfast, the kids served - it was great! Sweet Geek was in charge of the day's activities - we went and saw "Planet 51". Absolutely HILARIOUS. Well worth the $5/each!

We then hit Starbucks, and Half-Price. It was a good day. The kids are now pretty well stocked on books - Herself has a lot of the Dragonrider books by Anne McCaffery; Himself has tons of Star Wars books. (A boy, that READS? Hell yeah I'll buy him books by the ton!)

I started another sock (Yeah, shut up! :lol:) before leaving for the theatre. I figured, I was almost done with the fingerless mitt, my Liberty socks take needed a mindless project. The yarn is Firelizard Studio's "Joy" in colorway "Star Gazing". 64 stitches on size 2s....only the yarn was too dark for movie knitting. Ah, well...the cuff is just about done. :grin:

The fingerless mitt is done except for the top. I'm working on it now.

Prezzies: let's see...Herself made me an AWESOME pair of multi-colored origami dragon earrings. Himself made the box they were presented in, AND he helped wind my yarn into a ball (and helped with breakfast). Sweet Geek got me a new phone charger, AND the coolest Wellies Ever -they are burgundy/gray/black plaid. I also got a gift cert to Half-Price from Mom - it was a great b-day.

Today is recovery....AND we're supposed to shovel out the weaving room. We'll knitting is calling. So is breakfast.