December 15th, 2009

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Question and Evolution of Fingerless Mitts

It's Question time! (You can make with the clicky in a minute - answer this first, please!) Say that your spouse has given you $150 to spend on sock yarn (accept it as given, and ignore the fact that said spouse is jonesing for more handmade socks. I'm a process knitter, so I don't really care *who* gets the product. :lol:). Do you:

a) Spend it on the more expensive ($20/pair) yarn - that you never buy because it's expensive, but you LOVE the colors/fibers, but just can't bring yourself to spend that much on yourself - and end up with only 7 pairs of socks, or

b) Spend it on the cheaper ($10/pair) yarn, and end up with 14 pairs of socks, that are made of hum-drum yarn that might/might not turn your crank as much (and that you tend to buy whenever you have some spare funds, 'cause Knitpicks is just so darn cheap) ?

I just felt a tremor in the Force, as all the non-sock knitters out there had their jaws hit the floor. YES, I can buy socks at Wal-Mart for 6/$7. long do those last? Honestly? I started knitting socks in *2001*, and the oldest ones are just now starting to show wear at the heels. That's *8* years, people - $20/8 = $2.50/year/pair. Commercial socks *generally* don't last a full year...*I* wear socks YEAR ROUND, and I haven't worn commercial socks since I started knitting them. My socks fit my feet perfectly (no "one size fits most, but you're not most" here!), they're in funky colors, and...I like knitting socks. So.....opinions, please.

Now...onto Pictures! (Sorry for the quality - these were snapped on my cell phone this morning.)Collapse )