December 16th, 2009

Calvin: Faces

Can we cancel today....

see, it's the Company Party today. Normally, we look forward to this- a nice lunch at the Mercury or the Country Not so much - it's at the :sniff: Petroleum Club. WAY Pretentious. WAY overpriced. I (and co-worker) are NOT comfortable at a place where you have to be recommended by 2 members, and voted on by the whole before being allowed in. It's......:blech:

I did order the nice, more expensive than I usually buy yarn. But I still bought it at discounted prices. :lol: Since I've already gone nuts, I'll share my "sources"..:lol:

Simply Sock Yarn and DBNY Nice yarn, slightly discounted at SSY and deeply discounted at DBNY.....AND I scored free shipping. Can you say "Cashmere blend" socks, anyone? :lol:

I was linked to Little Knits - I will be checking them out next time I have some spare funds. :grin:

Knitpicks....well, I have a few problems with their business practices. Haven't heard anything about their yarns...but their needles? Yeah....and one of their latest felted slippers looks suspiciously like one of the Tsarina's sock patterns. :sigh: Ah, well.....I can't change the world. Just my buying habits.

Gotta work...I am SO not looking forward to lunch!