December 22nd, 2009

Firefly: Holidays

Photo Post!

I've been busy! We got home yesterday at 4 PM...BTW, do NOT go to the Mall. I mean, I *knew* that, but figured hey, it's Monday; it's after lunch; bad could it be?

15 minutes to find a parking space way the hell away from the mall. People were parking on the MEDIANS, they were parking BEHIND other cars - it was nuts. Still. Got into the was a Madhouse. People, people everywhere...but know what? They were buying, but not spending lots of money. Lots of frantic activity...but it had this....almost desperate feeling about it. Strange.

Went to Lush - I needed some new hair mask and shampoo. I was the ONLY person in there buying more than 1 item....and I only got 5 things. The store was PACKED - to the point that I sent the kids outside to a bench to wait for me. The Puzzle Place was just as bad....and Herself bought more stuff (for $11!) then anyone else. Lego Store = ditto, only Himself didn't buy anything. He was OK...he had his heart set on a Nerf Vulcan...something or other. Mega-maxi belt-fed dart gun thing. That he's shooting the dogs with. :lol:

Anyway - digression over. Collapse )