December 23rd, 2009

fiber: CSM

Since I'm on a roll...

Let's see, the final tally yesterday was 4 complete pairs of socks. So, since Sunday, that means I've ripped thru 12 balls of yarn, for a total of 6 pairs of socks. Not bad for about 8 hours of cranking! (And 2 hours of grafting...but we won't go into that. By sock #3, I wanted to knit hats. By sock #7, I wanted to poke my eyes out with my darning needle and switch to knitting nothing but scarves. By sock #12, it was FUN FUR scarves. :lol: And, I LIKE grafting stitches!)

Anyway, since I'm off and have time, and am avoiding my chullo (3 colors per row....I'm almost done with the first round of motifs, and about to start the 2nd..there are 3 motifs total. :sigh: It's gonna be a GREAT hat, but.....I prefer socks. Even now. :lol:), I decided to show what a "standard", per-the-instructions-that-came-with-the-original-CSM socks look like, and compare them to *my* favorite way to knit them on the CSM.

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fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

To keep me on track....

Might as well use this for what I originally intended it for - to keep me focused. I *need* a hat - it's supposed to be a white christmess (right.....). Anyway, here's where I started this morning:

I'll try to post a progress picture either tonight or tomorrow morning. (Although....tomorrow we have to run to Home Despot to buy a dishwasher - they go on sale 10% off. This was a huge discussion - I wanted to buy new baskets, but Sweet Geek pointed out that if the water had caused the plastic to rot and the metal to rust, what did I think it did to the motor/etc? dishwasher it is. :sigh:)

Anyway - back to sit on the couch with my hat and my 9-year old son, who is ALSO knitting a hat. :grin: Yes, I've enabled my children. Yes, it's grand. No, I'm not sharing my stash - I'll buy him his own, should it come to that. :lol:)
fiber: One Stitch Short


OK, here's the progress made today on the Chullo. This equates to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Commentary! The Musical, Phantom of the Opera, 1 episode of DS9, and half of a Clone Wars episode.

The 2nd motif is 6 rounds from completion. I had to quit - I can no longer count to 3 accurately. :lol: (It's a handspindle - I adapted Sarah Swett's Spin-Off Sweater. LOVE the motif...I was gonna do the yarn in a 3rd color, but sanity struck. NO more 3-color rows! If I can help it, anyway.)

The 3rd motif.....has changed. It was *going* to be a stylized weaving shuttle....but I really don't want to have to explain it to everyone that sees my hat. So.....I'm going to sit down with the colored pencils and graph out a sock. :lol: From sheep to sock - that's my hat!

I'm going to pick it up again tomorrow - I wanna get it done! I *need* to wear this hat out in public....soon! :lol: Why yes, I am obsessed...and cold. A front is supposed to hit tomorrow...from 68* to 32*. This hat will fit over my hair bun......and the ear flaps will keep my ears warm.