December 27th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

All's well that ends well....

Today started with a bang. Phone rang at 7:30 or was the Grands. Himself was having massive abdominal pain (Right Side), nausea, and threw up. I was OK until the nausea and throwing up was mentioned; the Grands packed up the kids and headed to the local ER. We fed critters, yanked breakfast out of the oven, and headed on out.

After all the tests, the IV, and everything else, he was released. NOTHING showed up. I called the aunt (she's a paramedic in KY), and she suggested a food allergy - probably milk, since Grandpa is allergic (and so was Dad). :hmmmm:

Now, I LIMIT milk at home, because of the asthma issue. I didn't think to remind Granny - the kids are hers for the week, she likes to spoil them, so :shrug: I didn't even THINK allergy......

We're going to watch him, and switch to goat's milk completely when the does freshen (which we were going to do anyway - but now there will be no gradual change. It'll be a complete one.) I'll be more vigilant about the milk comsumption - and if it happens again I'll try to do a quick food diary. (It's happened before, but never with nausea/vomiting. I usually lay him down and watch him - some Tylenol if he needs it. I just never noted it - kids get stomach aches, you know?)

The rest of the day was uneventful. I've been winding yarn - I'm going to crank out some more socks during the Cowboys' game.
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