December 29th, 2009

fiber: Chullo

Baby it's COLD outside

currently 40*. It was 27* at 6; dropped to 25* at 7 (when I fed the critters), and it's now up to 40*. Supposed to snow....:snicker:

Dishwasher is expected between 10 and 2. Love the window - I can't DO anything! Ah,'ll be installed Thursday sometime.

Only finished 4 pairs of socks yesterday. Yes, that's good....but I wanted to do 6 pairs. Ah, well - no need to be greedy. If I had used the short-row heel instead of the Dutch heel, I'd have done the 6 and probably more. The Dutch heel takes 30 minutes by itself.....but it fits me better. :shrug: I figured, better to have 4 pairs of well-fitting socks instead of 6+ that had a moving heel. :lol:

I need to get a photo of the Noro Silk Garden socks...they are FUGLY. The swatch, which I ordered from, showed mostly blue and green, with narrow (*2* rows!) stripes of yellow and pink. I hate pink....but hey, stripes are OK, and I need to get out of my blue/green/burgundy rut. Anyway, the swatch? LIED. There is NO way you can get narrow stipes in a SOCK. The stripes on my sock? A good 1" - 1.5" EACH. Hooo-boy these are ugly. I don't - hang on, lemme go take a quick photo to *show* you:

They don't match - but that's OK. I figure, if the colors get to me, I can either dump them in a black dyepot (shame to do that..but) or wear them with long pants and closed shoes (no clogs/sandals).

There was only 1 knot, and it ended up in the tail I used to graft the toe. I did a "Russian Join" - I think that's what it's called - where you untie the knot, thread both ends in a needle, then "sew" them into the strand (it's hard to describe - basically, I thread 1 end, and sew it about an inch down from the other end. I then thread the other end, and stitch it into the end I already did. Pull both "tails", and voila! Joined yarn, that doesn't affect the color changes too much.)

Am working on the Cardigan now.....I love my husband, and I love doing cables and bobbles (well....not bobbles so much) and the sweater is *gorgeous*...but it's a size 50 in heathered green. BoRiNg! :lol: I keep wanting to slap a color change in it...but won't. I will plod along....I won't use ya'll for accountability, since I *KNOW* I'll be doing another project or 2 or 3 during this. :sigh: Still, current stats:

Back: Finished
Right Front: Half done

Still need to do the left front and the sleeves....which really isn't much. The back was a LOT of knitting....but it's pretty. (Let me see if I have a photo of it somewhere...)

This is NOT where it is now, of course - the back is finished. Still, you can see what I'm doing...this'll be the largest project I've knit to date. (The chullo was the most complex - NOT hard, but complex. There IS a difference!)

Well....better get back to it!