December 30th, 2009

fiber: CSM

Cold..but NO snow!

"They" got it wrong again.....:lol:

Spent the morning darning socks. I don't mind darning - and if I spend THAT much time making the socks, then...well, I'll do what it takes to keep them useful as long as possible.

Been thinking, too.....a couple of years ago, Sweet Geek bought me an Ultimate Sweater Machine (They're cheap - a few years ago Wallyworld sold them for $25. So...he didn't invest a whole lot of money on it). My first thought was "WHAT???? Doesn't he REALIZE that I LOVE knitting? What IS this???"....then I whapped myself with a skein of yarn when I sat down at the CSM and started cranking out socks. I've decided, as I work on his Aran, that there is NO way I'll be able to clothe my family if I insist on doing it ALL by hand. Miles and miles of straight knitting would drive me out of my little, machine-knit it is. This machine is hand-operated, anyway, AND I weave on a the point is moot. (You can call stuff you weave on a loom "Hand-woven", so why can't you call stuff you knit on a hand-powered frame "Hand-knit"? This is the sort of stuff that keeps me up at night...)

Anyway, I'm going to try and get him to help me set it up soon. I want my kids to have me-made sweaters, and *I* want a sweater, too. :lol:

In other news, Sweet Geek gets off at noon(ish) today - he's gonna pick up grain, then we're going on a date! Outback Steakhouse (he got a gift certificate for giftmas) and Sherlock Holmes. I'm looking forward to it - even if it means very little sweater-knitting will be done. Ah,, or knit? :grin:

Have a loaf of bread in the machine.....smells good. Guess I need to go check on it....and get cracking on the sweater.