January 3rd, 2010

Firefly: Sudden Betrayal

Busy, Busy....

Let's see....yesterday we bought seed for the chickens, PVC pipe to run drainage at the goat barn, and 3 cattle panels to fix the fence (our neighbor's dog, that they let RUN LOOSE, had gotten in the goat pen. When told about it, said neighbor told us "just shoot the b*****d!"...which is not really a big help, y'know?).

Sweet Geek said "Yeah. 3 16' panels should be enough. I'm sure of it!"..which of course means that 3 won't even BEGIN to cover the spread. We needed 5. :lol: Still, the 3 are up and will keep the dog out; we'll go next weekend and pick up some more.

The goats are doing well. They're getting fat......I can't tell if it's kids or food. :lol: I scored some more books - the best is a Vet book by Peter Dunn, the other 2 are reprints of English goat books. (By A. Abbey and M. Gorden, I think...) They're good - and not the same as the 2 modern books I have.

Today I am supposed to fix the chicken coop roof. We'll see.......we were supposed to set up the Sweater Machine...got the box open! That's something, I guess. :lol: Cowboys play at 3.....so the day is already pretty much shot. :lol:
Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Something I was just pondering....

yeah, I know I've already posted today.......I've been doing laundry. And thinking. About all sorts of stuff.....

Anyway, why is it that the church teaches you to ask Yah for the BIG things - you know, like a better job, house, whatever - but doesn't mention the small stuff? Doesn't He provide EVERYTHING? Shouldn't He be involved with EVERY decision we make?

I'm as guilty of that as anyone - I tend to blaze ahead on the small stuff (like today. I just ordered a New Zealand-style rug for Dusty. He's 22, he's feeling the cold *horribly*. Every year, about this time, I buy him a blanket. Every year, about 3 weeks later, Finn has destroyed said blanket. THIS year, I sorta half-heartedly said "Lord, Dusty is cold. What should I do about it?" and then...forgot. Until last night. When everything that popped up on eBay was a canvas turnout rug. :blink: OK. I can take a hint! :lol:)

Seriously, though - I don't see/hear anyone seeking Yah's guidance on the everyday stuff. "What should we have for dinner?" "What should I wear today?" Silly? Well...not really, if you think about it. Yah has told us OVER and OVER and OVER again that HE is the provider, right? So...why not ask?

I'm going to try to do this in my life. Try being the operative word. I know that when I seek His guidance on the big stuff, he answers....so I need to ask about the small stuff, too. I think life would run a LOT smoother. :grin:

Back to laundry...and supervising the children. Who think it's abusive that they have to clean their bathroom, and their rooms. (What? I'm not their maid! *I* didn't make the mess - why should I clean it up??)