January 11th, 2010

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Monday Round-up

Let's see.....lots of stuffs, not a lot of time. 'Tis the way it goes...

1. Dog - Sweet Geek and I have reached an agreement. She IS going to training (6 lessons, 1 night a week, about 28 miles from home). IF she fails, she goes *again*, but will be boarded. IF she fails the 2nd round, she's GONE. He's soft-hearted, which I love about him, but enough is enough. She stays either Outside or IN the crate until then - she is NOT allowed to roam the house unattended. (He hates that, but I am adament - NO MORE destruction. :sigh:)(And this was the result of HOURS of arguing over it. It's a DAMN DOG, that was DUMPED. :sigh:)

2. Water - pipes are fixed, WITHOUT using a plumber! :huzzah: Granted, it took him 5 hours and 3 trips to the hardware store, but we saved $$$, so it's good. And now he's confident HE can run water to the goat barn, so we'll save $$$ there, too. :happy dance:

3. Sweater - We have a Winner!. (Ravelry link) Yup - I decided, after a LOT of back-and-forthing with myself and hugh_mannity. He's knit a traditional Gansey (well...IS Knitting, I should say!) with similar yarn, at a similar gauge. The yarn will be KnitPicks Gloss DK which comes out 1 yard MORE/100g than the original yarn. It's a bit more expensive than I really wanted to pay, but...it's the closest match, it's a silk/wool blend (which means the silk will add sheen, which *I* think this sweater needs)....

Here's the deal - I will NOT buy the "required" yarn for this sweater, for many reasons - the foremost being price. The designer (who is STILL batshit insane!) wants $175 (I think I did the conversion right...still, it's a LOT of money!) for JUST THE YARN. NO pattern, nothing. I'm sorry...no. Yes, I have the book - but that's beside the point. For that price, I should get a photocopy of at least the damn sweater schematics (no, really I should get the whole damn pattern, but..) So, I HAVE to substitute.

To properly sub yarn, you need to know the yardage/weight (ie: 100y/4oz). The required yarn is 225y/100g; the Gloss DK is 226y/100g. Next, you look at the fiber content - in this case, the required yarn is 100% wool (Shetland, I think...but that's beside the point). Gloss DK is Merino/Silk....NORMALLY, I'd go with 100% wool, to get the same drape and hand as the original sweater. In this case, I don't think it matters - this sweater is knit at 9 sts/inch (which is....almost insane. DK weight is normally knit on 6s....this sweater is knit on US 3s.) So...the fabric is pretty tight and sturdy, and drape doesn't really fit into it at All.

Now, I have looked at KnitPick's Swish DK, which is $0.30/ball cheaper....but it'd only be a savings of $7.80 overall. I'm thinking, since this is probably going to be the ONLY sweater by this designer I ever do (even though she's nuts, I LOVE her work....Alidansma pointed out, though, that the ones I love the most are all boxy. I pulled out the books.....almost ALL of her sweaters are boxy. :grin:), and probably the ONLY sweater I hand-knit for myself, I might as well go for the sensual pleasure of knitting with Merino(SOFT!)/Silk(Shiny and Oh, So nice!).

Belive me, I have been do yarn comparisons all weekend long......it's driven me nuts. :short trip: The moment I saw the Cranberry in Gloss DK, I fell in love (Yeah...about that. I KNOW I said the sweater would be green.....but.....I'm thinking Cranberry with the rose inserts in white, so it looks more like slashing than just a plain, boring sweater.)

Anyway...that's where my mind is at the moment. I need to check the budget for this paycheck and see if I can get all the yarn now or not. (For a sweater, or any large project, you really want to buy all the yarn at one time to ensure the same dyelot. While it might not matter so much in a blanket...in a sweater it will.) Might just buy the white for now and the cranberry later....:thinks:
fiber: CSM

Yarn Review: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock

I said I wanted to do some yarn reviews; I've been slowly putting them into Excel, and decided I should probably start posting them here. This is MY opinion, and only reflects what *I* feel about the yarn. Your mileage may vary - you just might LOVE a yarn that I can't stand. It's what makes knitting so much fun :grin:

Yarn Name: Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock

Colorway: Multiple

How Knit: Hand AND CSM

When Knit: 2003 and 2009

Specs: Hand: 64 stitches on size 2

CSM: 72 stitches, moderate tension

Care : Machine wash; can be thrown in the dryer, but I try to hang them to dry - they seem to last longer when air-dryed.

Longevity: CSM: 1st pair knit in 2003. Still going strong - no holes, no wear showing.

Hand: 1st pair knit in early 2009. Still in good shape.

Notes This yarn knits up well, both on the CSM and by hand. It feels a little flimsy on size 2s, but I really don't want to go any smaller. It's held up well, so far. The colorways are inspired, and (usually) knit up in cool patterns. A little pricey for some budgets, but WELL worth it, IMNSHO.
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Yarn Review: Salvia

This is MY opinion, and only reflects what *I* feel about the yarn. Your mileage may vary - you just might LOVE a yarn that I can't stand. It's what makes knitting so much fun :grin:

Yarn Name: Salvia

Colorway: Multiple

How Knit: Hand AND CSM

When Knit: 2008

Specs: Hand: 72 stitches on size 2s
CSM: both 72 cylinder and 54, moderate tension

Care: Machine wash, hang dry

Longevity: Not very, it seems. The hand-knit ones were for the husband; I've had to darn the toes twice in 6 months. The CSM-knit ones seem to last longer; I think it's because they're knit a little bit longer in the foot than the hand-knit ones.

Notes: The colorways look cool in the skein, but knit up oddly. The yarn feels like Lorna's Laces, but doesn't seem to last as long. The life seems longer on the machine-knit ones. The description claims they are machine-wash/dry...but the pair that got thrown in the dryer shrank to fit my 9 year old. It knits up nicely, but....if you're looking for bargain sock yarn, and aren't horrid on your socks, AND don't mind odd colors, then this yarn fits the bill. IF you want predictable colors, then you won't be happy with this yarn. It feels nice on the feet, though, and the colors are colorfast. Just....weird. :lol: Still...at $6.50/pair, I'll be buying more.....it satisfies my need for wildly-colored socks without breaking the bank. (I don't mind oddness in my socks...but some of these are odd indeed. :shrug:)