January 18th, 2010

pets: Sun Dancer

Monday, Monday...

and I have to work. Ah, well....no biggie.

Let's see...have done the ribbing and 1 repeat on the left front of the Never-Ending Cardigan. :grin: Managed 1 buttonhole...the buttons Sweet Geek chose are too large, so we'll have to buy others. :sigh: (And, no - it's not my buttonhole that's too small; his buttons are about 1.25". The band is only 1" wide...so, I sorta knew they were too big. :grin:)

LaDue started shedding, so we harvested a nice bit of Cashmere yesterday. I have photos..at home. :sigh: We got a shopping bag full; Sweet Geek carded it and I spun it up. So far, I have about 1/4" bobbin of Frog Hair. It's nice!

Sweet Geek's home with the kids - they will be cleaning the chicken coop and helping with the goat barn drainage system. We'll see how much gets done...:lol:
Firefly: We're all gonna die

Oh. Um. Well, Hello there....

Sweet Geek called me at lunch.......we seem to have a....visitor in the garage. Seems a very groggy SKUNK has decided MY garage is suitable for habitation. :blink:

He called the Sherriff (He, of course, being Sweet Geek - what, did you think I meant Mr. Stinky??), who came out. As usual for our....erm......trusted officials, he didn't DO anything. "Well" he said. "Don't look rabid to me. He's not hissing or spraying." (I should hope NOT! Not in MY GARAGE!!!) "Animal Control's off today. Call 'em tomorrow and see if they'll do something."

Great. I called a few minutes ago. Mr. Stinky has made himself at home. *I* get to park outside tonight.....IF he's still there. And he will be, because my garage is so nice and..and...homey. :lol: and :shock:

Why yes, I DO have an interesting life, why do you ask?