January 26th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

Today's the day...

and all I can do is ramble. I have 5 balls of yarn packed, and the current sweater project. I have an almost-to-the-toe sock packed as well, for variety. The kids were kept home from school....just in case.

No, I haven't had any "feelings" about the surgery.....it's all in Yah's hands. I am at peace over it. :sigh: I just HATE not knowing what the hell is going on - and we DON'T know what's going on.

I do know that Mom left her truck at our house; she also brought a basket full of stuff the kids had left at her house. Why, I don't know - IF something happens, we'd have to go over there anyway. I....:sigh: Have no clue, and I hate that feeling.

Herself is oblivious to what could happen - which is good, but also not. I CAN'T try to prepare her - she'd freak. Meltdown city. :fun stuff: Himself hasn't said much.....:bigger sigh:

Sweet Geek is out working on the barn. We're planning on heading out about 11 - it's a good hour, hour and a half to the hospital. Don't know if any other family members will be there - she's done a good job of alienating herself from just about everybody (harsh, but true. And all self-inflicted. :sigh:) I googled her yesterday, just for the heck of it....some of the things she..implied..on online prayer groups is very upsetting, and also very sad. Well...nothing I can do about it *now*. And I don't think there was anything I could do about it *then*, either - I have always been very firm in my desire to NOT limit my children's access to their grandparents. Just because *I* might be having issues with them doesn't mean that *they* don't have the right to speak to their (in both cases at the time) ONLY grandchildren. (OK, I did limit the paternal grandparents for a few months after divorce from #2 - who was NOT related to them in any way. After the way I was spoken to......I had to protect the children from the anger. I also had a councilor's agreement on that....the kids needed to heal from the damage, and didn't need a grandparent causing more. :sigh: Still - after I cooled off, I extended the olive branch...and it was tossed back in my face. :shakes head: It's - sort of - back to "normal" now, which is good for the kids.)

I'm rambling too much - back to the sweater.