January 27th, 2010

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That went well...

Let's see....First off, the surgery went well. She's in ICU for now, and will be moved to a regular room today or tomorrow. :Praise Yah!:

BUT...that hospital. :sigh: The surgery was scheduled for 1:30. We left here at 10:45, grabbed lunch, and ate in the Jeep during the HOUR and a HALF (almost) drive there. We got there at...12:45-ish, went to admissions...and basically were told we could wait in the waiting room. Ummm...no. This (as it turned out) was something major, and - No. The lady FINALLY told me ("Well, I guess..since you're the daughter...but THEY (meaning Sweet Geek and kids) will have to stay Here.") where she was....but then gave me wrong directions. :sigh:

Anyway, I called mom's cell, she sent her friend (!!) up to get us, and we went down to the basement. The kids weren't allowed back (although, had I had a "feeling", you bet your sweet bippy I'd have gotten them back there!), so I went back and sat. And Sat. AND Sat.

They took her at 3:15. :bangs head:

At 4:30 they called me...they had JUST STARTED THE SURGERY. :bangs head harder:

At 5:45, they called to say she was in Recovery and would be moved to a room within the hour. The doc would be calling me SHORTLY..blah de blah de blah.

At 6:45, the doc FINALLY called. I got a rundown of the surgery - he went in, and found the tumor. This was good - if he could feel it, he would know what spot to remove. It wasn't much bigger than it was back in the Dec. scan...but it was in a "bad" spot. Something about too close to.....major...stuffs, or something. Hey - I'm not a medical person!. Anyway, had he removed only that spot, it would have meant a longer surgery, a more protracted hospital stay, and a much harder recovery, so he opted to remove the entire lower lobe of the left lung.

We left after speaking with the doc - we had an hour and a half drive, we needed to find food, and the kids have school today. I was told by coworker to STAY HOME - besides, I might be going back out if my brother decides to go today. :shrug:

I am BEAT. There's a lot more I could say, but won't. It relates to my rant, and.....:sigh: Besides, I need to go pay bills.
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Something on my mind...

This is all Ali's fault...I was reading her blog on...Monday, I think it was, and noticed a link to Red Angel's blog. I was curious - Ali hangs out in some of the same places I do, so I figured if she linked there, it was worth a look. And...it was. :grin: I don't agree with everything posted there, but one of the posts has been bugging me.

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