January 28th, 2010

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

So. Tired.

Every time I tried to nap yesterday the phone rang....I am totally wiped out today. I am going to work - only, late. I have to take the kidlets to school, then boogie on to the office. Sweet Geek will be getting off early for the duration to pick them up......

I currently have a 3-legged horse. Heart did *something* to her left foreleg. Not sure what - the hoof is fine, no noticable bruises or abcesses (and the hoof is cool, so...), the leg is a slight bit swollen, but not a lot, and - this is what's so odd - it's not tender anywhere! :baffled: She did it sometime Tuesday; we noticed when we fed Tuesday evening, but it was too dark to see anything. I checked her out yesterday....and am still baffled. She's on Bute for the moment, and I wrapped both forelegs.....this AM she was still limping, but not as much. (Yesterday, she refused to put any weight at ALL on it, today she's putting a little.) She did lay down a bit yesterday, which is good - she was able to rest her other legs.

The water softener went out Monday morning. :sigh: Looks like the motor is toast. I think it'd be cheaper to simply replace it instead of trying to fix it, but that's up to Sweet Geek. Good thing I don't have to pay childcare this month. :wry grin:

I've already started my birthday and Hannukah shopping. IF Ure and others are right, this year is going to be HORRIFIC. The predictions are that by December, most people will be more worried about being able to afford food than giving their children presents. So.....I usually start in April with the holiday shopping; this year, I'm starting now. Won't hurt, and might make a difference come December. I never buy big, expensive stuff anyway....but this year I'll go ahead and get it now. (Herself gets craft kits and origami paper; Himself gets models and baking stuffs.)

Need to go knit a bit before heading out. I'm on the 13th repeat (out of 15!!), so....need to get cracking!