February 8th, 2010

Calvin: Faces

It's Raining, it's pouring....

Again. Or is that still? :sigh:

I'm up and mobile this morning. NOT really coherent, but I'm up. Have to go to work...so....here I am. :grin:

I think I'm reacting to the antibiotics - I don't recall EVER being so blah and brain-dead and tired while on them before. I have had a hard time staying awake....I mean, I took a NAP yesterday (2 hours) AND fell asleep at 7 PM. :shakes head:

Weekend Update: Busy. :lol:

Saturday: Herself helped fix breakfast (!). Headed to the grocery store, ended up being out for 6 hours. On the way to town, I spotted 2 teeny-tiny puppies in the cow pasture....crying for mama. They were about 6 weeks old - and whoever let them out/dropped them off should be horse-whipped. Those poor babies were *freezing*, they were scared, and they still had milk-breath. :fumes:

We picked them up, of course, and after a quick confab headed to the "closest" animal shelter. Which didn't open until 1. It was 9:30. :sigh: We hit Tractor Supply (hey - we were there and needed birdseed) and thought we'd found a home for the female...but the Dad overruled his 5 year old daughter (poor man. The wife was just as upset as the daughter!) We tried the SPCA (another 30 miles away), but THEY didn't open until 12, and require a "reservation" to drop off an animal. :sigh:

We went back to the Shelter at 12:30....and the 2 babies found a home with a rescue group. They were cute..but we do NOT need another dog - especially not one that young.

Finally made it to the grocery store at 3......:sigh:

Sunday: Got up, did 1 load of laundry, then fell back into bed for 2 hours. Sweet Geek built another milking stand (1 more to go!), the kids cleaned the chicken coop (supposedly - I haven't been outside), then everyone trooped into the family room to watch...X-men, I think. Then.....oh, yeah - Star Trek: First Contact, and then the Super Bowl.

I feel better, except my ears feel infected and my nose is full of goop. I'm still tired (why? I have slept SO much the past 4 days it isn't funny!), but at least I can think this morning.

And I have to go feed critters. In the rain. Fun stuff....:grin:
me: portrait

I have a confession to make....

:shifts eyes: I have to confess...that....I can do the basic, rudimentary crochet stitch. :shifts feet: However - I will go to my GRAVE denying this.

Not because I'm afraid other knitters will shun me or anything, but because Herself needs to be accomplished at something dear ol' mom isn't.

See, origami took off in part because I can fold 1 thing: a Crane. That's it. I taught her that, then provided books and paper, and she's been folding like crazy ever since. I don't know a valley fold from a mountain fold - and I'm happy with that. She got Himself into it - but she's still the Queen. (Even at his young age, he knows better then to 1-up his sister. Gotta love a sensitive guy!)

I tried knitting - he took to it quickly...but then, he's always been a "Mama's boy", wanting to get into every fiber-craft I do. Weaving? He was weaving on a 12H table loom at 4 (and I have photos to prove it!). Knitting? He's slowly knitting a scarf - he'd be done with it now if he'd stick to 1 pattern. Instead, every 4" he's changing - he's got a bit of garter, then stockinette, then 4x4 rib...he says he wants to try all sorts of patterns. He's thinking about crochet - but because I can't offer help, he's kinda in the dark.

Herself? Managed about 1" of a scarf before deciding it was "too hard". I think it's because I am constantly knitting, and Himself is doggedly working on his project(s) (he also has a hat in progress for his Grannie)...and she doesn't like being upstaged. She does like to weave on the inkle loom (simple band loom that makes trim/sashes/bookmarks. Very very basic 2H loom) - but NOT if I am weaving on the other one. She was playing with the RH loom...until Sweet Geek started weaving last night. She was OK with it...until he started playing around with lace-weaves (which I do NOT do, because they are too fiddly for me. I want to bang out CLOTH, not fiddle with wrapping warp threads to make holes in my fabric. :shrug: Different strokes, and all that - HE thinks weaving Tartans would be mind-numbing, and I LOVE it - watching the sett emerge with each color-change. :happy wiggles:)

Because of the whole Aspie thing, I tend to let her do what she wants.....in this case, she found a learn-to kit with a crocheted goldfish. Oh My Goodness - she is OBSESSED. I've given her a ball of cotton and an appropriate sized hook (I think - it's about the same thickness as the appropriate-sized knitting needle) to practise with, and she is going NUTS trying to figure out the "magic ring" you need to start the blasted thing. I found her a video - and quickly figured out what you're supposed to do...but I *KNOW* she'll drop it if I show ANY skill at it whatsoever.

So...you'll still be "hearing" me claim I can't crochet. She doesn't read here - yet - but sometimes she reads over my shoulder as I type. And, honestly - I *can't* crochet. Not past the basic single crochet - and, again honestly, I don't WANT or NEED to crochet. I can produce all the fabric my family will ever need by weaving or knitting.....and Herself NEEDS more outlets for her creativity.

Now...we need to arrange a few lessons for her. The "local" yarn store offers them...I'll be calling them up soon. So that she feels "better" then her ol' mom. (And I still win, because she'll be working with yarn. :heh heh:)