February 26th, 2010

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No rest for the weary....

no sleep again last night. :sigh: Need to figure this out - I am one tired fiberaddict!

I do have a confession to make. I.....cheated on the cardigan. It was an accident....when we went to the LYS, I bought a skein of Henry's Attic Cascade (fingering weight 100% silk) to knit the kippah from Piecework's "Historical Knitting" issue. (NOT because I think women should wear headcoverings - it's NOT Torah-based, and most of the women that do it (that aren't Mennonite or Amish, anyway) around here do it for the attention it brings them. :sigh: THAT'S a whole 'nother rant.

Anyway......I had flipped thru the issue, saw the kippah, and HAD to knit it. (These things happen.) I put it in line AFTER the sweater - as a "whee! We're DONE!" sorta present to myself......but last night I snapped.

I had noticed that I was looking for reasons to NOT knit the sweater. I had 2 hours yesterday and 4 hours on Wednesday that I could have knit at work...and I DIDN'T. Instead, I looked at knitting online. I browsed eBay. I browsed CraigsList. Anything I could do to NOT knit. :sigh:

So, last night I came in, tossed my knitting travel-bag on the table, and announced "I need to knit something NOT green!". Sweet Geek blinked, then said "OK. Start on your kippah!". :love that man:

I did.....4 times. :sigh: You start with 8 stitches on 4 DPNs. Or you're supposed to. I ended up putting the 8 on 3 DPNs. I'm on row 5 (again)...we'll see if I can keep going (you start the whole shebang with a yarn over. I can do that - it's easy. It's NOT easy keeping *track* of the first YO when you're talking about 8 stitches on 3 DPNs. In slippery silk.) :grumble:

Since I'm up (still), think I'll go wrangle with it. At least it's silk, it's cream-colored, and it isn't GREEN. (I will go back to the sleeve this weekend. I've only got 4 pattern repeats to go. 48 rows. Of 102 stitches each. Relatively mindless knitting at this point......:lol:)
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More thoughts on Revelation....

I really don't need to be posting right now - I am SO Brain-dead that I really ought to NOT be allowed on the computer (I've had to void 2 checks today, because I can't think OR type) - but I wanted to get a few more thoughts out there.

Anna - the only thing I have a...problem..with is the Wedding Feast - they are generally *after* the wedding, aren't they? The Bride doesn't descend until after all the Judgements...so.....:sigh: I'm sure I'm missing something so simple it's not funny.

Ali - I tried to read the verses you posted this morning, but was pretty brain-dead and couldn't make heads-or-tails out of it. I *think* the Jerimiah ones concern the reforming of the Nation of Israel...but don't quote me. I'll try again tomorrow (IF I sleep tonight! :lol:)

And.....I think where most of my problems come from is Tim LaHaye. I'll read anything - I read most of the (very stupid and misleading) Left Behind books (Hey, I got invested with some of the characters...was TOTALLY pissed when he killed *everybody* off at the end!) - but I read one (I think it was his "Are we living in the End Times" book (Duh!)...might be wrong) that has me all sorts of confused.

He said that Revelation wasn't 100% prophecy; some of it was Historical. For example, when John sees the star fall to Earth, that's not something happening in the "now", it was historical - John saw the Fall of the Adversary. I..dunno. It makes a sort of sense, but then again it doesn't. IF the rest of the book is prophecy, why would this part ONLY be historical? (Am I even making sense here? I'm so tired...)

As I've said before though - this really doesn't matter, does it? We were promised to be kept out of the Wrath, so.....whether we're here or somewhere else is moot. :grin: And, Anna, you may very well be right as to why we can't get past the Seals...I *hope* you are! :tired grin: