March 22nd, 2010

me: portrait

Iz Tired. Pls send chocolate!

Weekend was busy - and snowy! The woodstove kept the house warm - the bedrooms not so much, but the living areas were livable - AND the central heat did NOT come on until about an hour or 2 *after* the fire went completely out.

Calvin Update: I have a week-old photo, but I left it at home. :sigh: I took it before he was dis-budded...sad, horrible thing, but it needed doing. (You disbud them to make sure they stay hornless. Horns are bad in dairy goats, and dangerous in ALL domesticated ones. They get stuck in fences, and can kill them, they ruin udders.....better to remove them. The kid only feels pain a couple of stinks, though.) His li'l head is now ugly - but it'll look better once the hair grows back.

We're getting a little over a pound per goat per milking. Our breeder says that's FANTASTIC for first fresheners - so I'm happy.

Not much else to's cold up here today. Our office has no heat, and I'm frozen.