March 24th, 2010

pets: LaDue

:yawn: Is this thing on??

Let's see....I promised baby goat pictures, so - baby goat pictures you shall have!

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Himself is getting to be a very accomplished milker. We had settled in this morning - I was sitting on the stand, one-handedly milking. "Swish.....swish.....swish" goes my bucket. Behind me, I hear "swishswishswishswishswish". I turn around, and he is double-barrelled milking into the cup. ":grumble: I hate you, you know!" I jokingly remarked. He paused a second, and with a very straight face said "But, Mom - you get more out with each swish! And my hands get tired faster!" "Yes...but you drain her out faster!" and we both chuckled as we continued milking out the goats. He's a good sport - and a very good helper! (Once he perfects actually HITTING the bucket, we'll be better - but he's trying, and he doesn't complain.

We've decided to keep the Cashmere milk separate from the Nubian milk, so I need to find another carry bucket. Fun stuff! :lol: