March 28th, 2010

Disney: L&S Dance with me

Busy weekend...

as usual. This weekend, we got the milk room arranged in it's final form, we picked up a cabinet for the wall (to hold medicines/tests/supplies), we finished all 3 stands (the feeders are now ON the stand, instead of on the base, where they could be moved around), we cut one of the stools down so I have someplace to sit, we got most of the gravel spread, AND we ran half the new fence line (it's kid-proof. Necessary, now. :lol:)

I also got my kitchen Passover ready. Threw out a LOT of box mixes with leavening in, cleaned to a fare-thee-well, and emptied out the freezer. I am keeping the Baking soda, though - the goats eat it. Need to move it to the barn, but the rest? Gone.

We spent almost 2 hours in the grocery store last night - did you know that almost EVERYTHING has some form of leavening in it??? Flour tortillas, for goodness sake! (But not corn ones. Which is odd, but hey - whatever). We were looking for some frozen dinners for Sweet Geek's lunch - thought we'd found a gold mine. Brookshires had some 8 for $9. Cool......he grabbed pot roast with mashed 'tators. There was *yeast extract* in it! Ditto the steak and rice combo...:sigh:

Goat update: Calvin spent all day yesterday and today out in the barn. He HATES it, because *he's* not a goat! He'd stand in the barn and scream. When we yelled at him, he'd come outside and scream. :stupid goat: He did make friends with Saffron - who then decided to butt him. LaDue would let him play for a bit, then - gently - butt him away from her daughters. Guess he's not well-bred enough for them...:lol:

We're getting a consistent pound of milk from each doe, at each milking. Not as good as Nubians are *supposed* to be, but sufficient for our needs. Next week, we'll start milking LaDue 1x (at night) - I'm not expecting a whole lot from her - she IS feeding twins, after all! - but I want to get her used to it, and to encourage more milk production. Once Saffron and Kaylee are weaned, she'll be on the stand 2x a day like Annie and Mocha.

I'm tired.....think I'll go take a long, relaxing bath while Sweet Geek makes pizza (gotta use up the last of the dough mix! I'll de-crumb after)