March 29th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Quick update...

today is the day of Mrs. boss's grandson-in-law's funeral. He was 27. He left behind a wife and 3 children - the oldest is 7, the youngest is 2.

I have been there, done that - I know what the widow is going thru. IF she's lucky, no one will tell her "Well, it was God's will"...because that is BULLSHIT.

Yes, Yah IS in control - but He doesn't tend to go around randomly killing people (I don't mean evil people, here. I'm talking just normal, run-of-the-mill people. This kid was a preacher's kid, and worked with the youth group at his church - by the world's viewpoint, he was a "good person"). We do have free will, y'know - and this was a 1 vehicle motorcycle accident. It was dark and foggy and damp out, and I'm sure he was speeding (his wife said he told her "You're driving too slow - I'll meet you at home!"). He made a bad judgement call - we live in a fallen world, and shit happens.

I can't believe it was God's will that those 3 children are fatherless, or that she's widowed at 26. YES, He IS in control, but......:sigh: This kind of church thinking drives me crazy - they are saying that they believe in a god that likes to watch his worshippers suffer - and she WILL be suffering for a good year, maybe 2 because of this. (That sounds trite - but the first year is the hardest, the 2nd hard, but getting better. It's been 8 years now, for me, and I STILL cry over it sometimes - just not as often, and not as hard. Yes, I'm in a better place now - but honestly? I'd rather it never happened, but it did, and I have had to roll with it.)

Now, He can - and will - help her to a...I hate to say better life, because right now she doesn't need to hear that. IF she lets Him be in control, she will see many blessings from this.....but if too many chrischun people tell her that God wanted this to happen, she's going to turn away from Him. I was lucky - I knew better than to believe all those well-meaning but stupid people, and it made my faith stronger.

Anyway, the funeral's at 10 CST, the burial at 5 (at the other end of the's going to be a VERY long and hard day for her and the kids). If anyone has any prayers or happy thoughts to spare for her, she'll need them.