April 12th, 2010

Firefly: Big Damn Heros

Monday, Monday...

and the soap is looking like, well, soap. Had a scare last night - I peeked in the ice chest, and saw ORANGE jello! We're talking Pumpkin Pie filling, here - I was terrified I had done something wrong. This AM, I peeked again - it's firm, and it's no longer Orange - it's more of a yellow-tan-ish color. This, I can live with. :grin: It also smells LOUDLY of lavendar (I kinda over-scented, I think. I was trying to cover up the ammonia...next time? I'll be a little less liberal. :grin:)

Aubrey, the stick blenders were at Kitchen Collection - I'll go back on payday (Thursday - might not get there until Saturday) and see how many they have left. They seemed to have a full shelf of them yesterday, so :fingers crossed: I'll let you know!

Slept last night - it took a muscle relaxer, but I was able to sleep. Neck feels a little better....not sure WHY my neck is all out of whack. :sigh:

Need to find a shampoo bar receipe.....wanna make my own. (Yes, this is addictive. At least the milk is "free"....I can live with a temporary ammonia smell. :snicker:)

Contract work today - gotta skitter!