April 19th, 2010

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Shampoo Bar Recipe

Ok, here it is for posterity. Please note that I haven't tried these yet - I de-molded them this evening; they are still a bit mushy on top, and very oily feeling (this comes from the castor oil, I think - my bar from Chagrin Valley feels the same, only it's harder. :grin:)

This makes a 2 pound batch:

12 oz Castor Oil
4 oz Jojoba Oil
8 oz Coconut Oil
4 oz Olive Oil
4 oz Shea Butter

6 oz very very strong Chamomile tea
4.16 oz lye

Fragrance oils: Frankensence & Myrrh and Lavendar (Provence)

Notes: I only heated up the Shea Butter - the Coconut Oil was the type that is liquid up to 76* (over 76*? Anyway - it was liquid) and added it to the other oils. The oils never got above about 80* - if that much. The tea was cold when I added the lye - and it stank to high heaven! When the lye mix reached 120*, I added it to the oils - it took about 4 minutes - if that - to trace. Added the smellies...and it accelerated the trace to the point that I had oatmeal when I glopped it into the mold.

Put it in the ice chest for 10 hours, then let it sit on the table for 24. It was very sticky and hard to de-mold - the top is still slightly soft. The scent isn't exactly what I was going for - I am trying to recreate Lush's Veganese scent. This is close....but I think I need to try Patcholi and Lavendar next time. Still, it smells nice.

Once I run out of my current bar, I'll test drive one of these.
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Coffee Soap Recipe

This is for a 1 pound batch.

6 oz Olive Oil
6 oz Vegetable Oil
4 oz Coconut Oil

4 oz strong black coffee
2.08 oz lye

2 oz fresh goats milk

No scents.

Notes: Very small batch - almost not enough to use the stick blender! I heated the coconut oil in the microwave for 20 seconds to melt it, then added it to the other oils. Put the coffee in the fridge during breakfast. When I added the lye it smelled worse than the goat's milk did. When the lye mixture was about 120*, I added it to the oils - I hit trace almost instantly (I think because of the temps). Added the goat's milk - next time, I'll only add 1 oz; I was going for a latte color, instead I got iced coffee. :lol: Poured into the mold and put it in the ice chest for...maybe 8 hours. I pulled it out when it was all solid. Unmolded the next morning - the soap was hard and easy to remove.

It lathers up well, and has a very mild coffee scent. Feels very soft on the skin, and has a nice dark cream color.

Next time, I'll do a 2 pound batch (minimum), and not add as much goats milk. Sweet Geek *loves* it, so I call it a success. :grin: