April 20th, 2010

Firefly: Sudden Betrayal


Everything's "off" lately. The kids are raving lunatics - I have a surly almost teen (which is worse than her normal Aspie persona) and a weepy 10 year old (over *stupid* stuff), I'm not sleeping again, which makes me snarly...the dogs are all needy......:blech:

Our weather's off, too....the light's wrong. Last night, it looked like we lived in a photo-shopped photograph......weird. I'm all twitchy......

I get the feeling something's about to.....blow. Like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's disconcerting, and today I can't ignore it. It's....Anna called it the "quiet before the storm" and that's part of it....but....

There's been odd police activity lately - 15 cops on a 10-mile stretch of road; not radar-ing, not ticketing, just *sitting*. (This was Friday). Sunday had cops sitting up and down some of our streets at home - which is NOT normal. It's odd enough that *Sweet Geek* noticed.....and I've seen a lot of military vehicles. 2 HumVs Friday, a tank of some sort yesterday, and a convoy Sunday. Again, not normal - yes, we have a Tx Nat. Guard in town, but there's usually no activity *outside* of that.

And today.....it's like I *know* something's coming, but I don't know what or when. (Oh, and today's Bible reading? Was Zechariah...Ch. 4. I never noticed it before, but the 2 Witnesses are *there*. So......:wondering: