April 22nd, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound


Last night was marginally better - I think because Sweet Geek was home. He fixed the VCR, so the kids got to watch "Clone Wars". :yippee!: This AM wasn't too bad - Herself got up, grumbled as she bottle-fed Calvin, then stumped back to the house to - not sleep, no - watch cartoons. :sigh:

I'm tired. Too much to do, too little sleep.

Inara (new doeling) has a.....bump on her mouth. It doesn't look like the photos of soremouth - it's not crusty or scabby, just a lump. It hasn't affected her eating.....I applied tea tree oil last night, and will try to get some Genetian Violet. IF it is soremouth, there's nothing we can do - it's kinda like chicken pox. (Dairy Goat Info says I can use the Nova..whatever - the teat dip - as a wash, and that'll help, IF it's soremouth. Won't hurt.)

I ordered some Mo'Milk from Molly's Herbals yesterday, to try and boost Annie's production. Of course, this AM she milked 2 pounds :bangs head: Ah, well - I'll add it anyway. It's all natural, and, again, won't hurt. (Mocha's doing 2 pounds, 6 oz consistantly. We can't let her beat us, now can we? :lol:)

Lunch yesterday was OK. I got some pictures for Herself of the crystal collection - it's supposedly the largest privately-owned collection. I don't know about that....but it's cool. She enjoyed looking at the (crappy) cell-phone photos.

Need to do some more reading about goats and mouths....