April 28th, 2010

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

It's Wednesday...

thankfully! The week is half over...I'll be glad to see this one gone!

Goats: Mocha is now completely blind. Yes, it's pinkeye; yes, she'll regain her sight. I've been treating it with a saline wash in each eye followed by a smear of Neosporin. I'm going to hit DGI in a moment to see what else I can do (I read SO much last night it's all a blur...), and to get a list of RX drugs to ask the vet for. Maybe. My horse vet (LOVE him. LOVE him - he's great!) no longer has any office help, or regular office hours, and he's closed weekends...so it's gonna be tough to try and pick up meds from him. The "dog" vet also does large animals, but he doesn't know me like my horse vet (I've used him since 1986!), and might not be so nice as to sell me meds without, y'know, actually *looking* at the animal. :sigh: At least a goat is easier to haul to the vet than a horse is!

Children: Doing good. Herself *seems* to be doing OK on the new medication - the doc will evaluate her on Monday. Himself happily helped me milk last night and this AM....even though Mocha was being a pill (she couldn't SEE. I understand the antsy-ness).

Sleep: Not getting any. I figured out last night what the problem is (this time) - my wrist. I had to ice it down last night - I've been 95% pain-free since the last surgery, so I honestly hadn't paid much attention to it. (Yes, I can block pain....:sigh:) I'm not at about 75% - not bad, certainly better than pre-surgery, but it's affecting my sleep. :sigh: Since I can't take pain meds, I get to try and control it in other ways.......:fun:

Work: Sucks.

Gotta hit DGI and make a list!