May 12th, 2010

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Lots swirling around in my head today.....

but I can't quite grasp it. :sigh: It'll be one of THOSE days. :rolls eyes:

I seem to have a.....knack (can't call it a gift, really) of finding stuff. I don't mean stuff like lost keys, I mean stuff like OOP books, or obscure tools - and I find them for bargain prices. It's weird.....but there it is. It's not an immediate thing - it sometimes takes me months to find the whatzit, but if I (or a friend) is looking for something, I can usually find it for them cheap.

Latest finds: I mentioned last week that I had found a book "Clinical Veterinary Parasitology". It was recommended on DGI as THE book to have (as long as it was 1st - 5th Edition) to run fecals on your goats. Since there is no vet locally that has a lot of knowledge of goats (livestock, yes - but goats aren't cows, and treating them as such isn't a good thing), there's a lot of stuff that *I* have to I need books. (I must say, the thought of playing with poop doesn't appeal to me....fortunately, Herself LOVES science-stuff. She's already agreed to do the checks, IF I buy a proper microscope. Hey, lookie here - there's a fecal exam set on eBay for $49.99 right not! I know what I'll be buying on Payday! :lol:)

Anyway, this book runs in the $100......I was idlely looking...and found a copy in CO for $29. It's in rough shape, but all the pages are there, all the photos are there, the only flaw is a break in the spiral binding. I was happy, and figured my luck was done for now.

Until yesterday.

There's another book that I need - "Goat Medicine". Google will tell you it's selling in the $129+ range - for a 15 year old book. I....can't pay that for a book that will be hauled out to a dirty barn/muddy pasture where it might get blood/birthing fluids/ick on it. When I found the first book, I looked for GM too.....and came up empty. All righty, then - I don't need it right now. :shrug: (To be honest, I've been looking at GM for about 4 months now - never found it under $120)

Yesterday, I was trolling eBay - I do that, even when I can't buy anything. I like to get prices, so that when I DO have the $$, I know what a good deal is. I typed in "Dairy Goat" (try it sometime - it's a fun search!)...hmmm. 4 pages. Ok-dokey, I have time. Down the list I went.

I hit Page 3....and found Goat Medicine..starting at $49. WHA????? I clicked, thinking - yeah. Right. Seen that before, and it's not the real price. This time? It was. :gulp:

Problem: Payday is Friday. This is a Buy It Now - immediate payment required. I hit watch, and read the description. Acceptable condition.....all pages there in excellent shape, binding a little loose, some foxing. :gulp:

I. walked. away. Thought about it all morning. The auction ended Thursday - can't do it. Payday is Friday. Worried over it. Went back after lunch - still there. What to do???

Sweet Geek said "Transfer from savings, dummy!" :doh: I don't like doing that - savings is for, well, SAVING, not spending. Deep breath. Went back - still grabbed it.

Here's the deal - I wasn't looking for this book. I figured I don't need it - I have the Goat book by Peter Dunn (it's good, but not comprehensive). I have DGI......but there it was. Usually when this happens, it's a Divine sign that I need it.....*I* may not know why, but......

I hope this doesn't mean I'm about to hit a hard spot in our goat-keeping! :sigh: I hope it's just so I can tell the vets why I need the meds I need.....:fingers crossed:

Hope I don't run across a well-supplied vet kit next.....I'll go nuts with worry!
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OK, I have 2 photos from Sunday to share (I decided to not share my flowers - they're wildflowers, mostly, and...:eh:):

Herself's handmade potpourri holder. LOVE it. It's pretty, it's functional, and she did it all herself. It's heavy, too!

Himself's origami lilies. They're lovely, and I need to find a vase to keep them in. He also wrote me a song...but didn't sing it. :snicker:

Gotta run, but HAD to share these!
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