May 13th, 2010

Calvin: Faces

All out of sorts

I'm all out of sorts this AM....still not sleeping, wrist hurts (which can explain *some* of the lack of sleep), grumpy....:sigh:

Mocha's eyes look better - think she's got some vision back. Rosa's eyes look bad, now...:sigh: I'd like this batch o'sickness to pass now, please!

Sweet Geek's work is moving I won't see much of him until Sat. evening. :sigh: Ah, well - he has a job. That's important!

Have a mission: need to find a milk pasteurizer and an electric cream separator. Pasteruizers go for $340+; electric separators $350+. Need to try and beat that - and it *has* to be new or almost, 'cause Sweet Geek insists. :sigh: Let's see what I can trip over, huh? (Yes, we have a Romanian manual separator. It....doesn't work like it should. Instead of fiddling with it, he wants to go electric. Whatever....)

Not much else going on.....