May 17th, 2010

Calvin: Faces

I'ts a Monday...

already, and it's only 7:30! :sigh: At least I slept last night (with help, but hey - whatever works!)

Someone opened the dishwasher last night and didn't re-start it, so I had a load of dirty milking things this AM. :sigh: Grabbed the 1 clean bucket and the 2 strip cups, along with an empty plastic cup, so we could at least get the milking done. Then my husband (note the lack of "Dear") decided that the cup was just there for the hell of it, and proceeded to use the clean (and STERILE) strip cup to strip Rosa in. :bangs head: (No, I didn't TELL him. I did, however, put the stainless bucket and plastic cup ON Rosa's stand; the strip cups were on the other 2 stands. You'd figure that hey - maybe I'm supposed to use what's on MY STAND? but no.....:bangs head:) Sometimes I wonder about him...

THEN, he decides that rinsing out this AM's milking things will do, because "they can go in the dishwasher in the next load". Ummm. I WORK. The kids GO TO SCHOOL. Even if Himself DID remember to unload the dishwasher when he came home, it wouldn't be a full load - and even if it *was*, starting it at 4 won't get stuff clean by 5, when I am home and ready to milk.

Brains. Wish he had some sometimes. :big sigh:

I have tomorrow off...I have to meet with my vet at his office. Fun....I'm going to try to pick up the stuff I need to make shaving soap, too. We'll see - gotta check the budget. Still need to pick up a fecal checking kit.....and some blood sample tubes. I never knew goat-keeping would be more expensive than horse-keeping. :sigh: (Well, it wouldn't if I didn't care about the quality of milk they were putting out and their nutritional state. Most people just toss grain and hay at them....I am trying to make sure that they have the optimal nutrition for the best milk output. Life would be easier (and cheaper!) if I didn't care. :grump:)