May 18th, 2010

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Random Ramblin's

Let's see...I'm off today, as I need to pick up goat meds at my vet. He doesn't keep regular office hours anymore, so it's taken a bit to juggle both our schedules so we can meet. :sigh: Love the guy, but geez! At least I got a free day out of it!

After that, I'm running to a semi-local soaping store. I need some French Clay to attempt shaving soap, and a few more oils. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy them at the grocery store. Won't soap today, though, since my PVC mold is still in pieces. :grin:

Got my copy of "Goat Medicine" yesterday......I flipped thru it, and got sucked in. Let me say that if I had had a chance to flip thru it months ago, I'd have paid ANY price to get a copy. It's THAT good. It's not written for owners (but you can read and understand it), it's more of a veterinary text book. Fantastic! The section on Pinkeye First you get an overview of the condition, then the vectors that can cause it, then the clinical signs, a diagnosis, and treatment. It won't make you a vet - BUT. In an area that is goat-vet poor (like....most of the US), it'll help you figure out what's going on, and help you help your vet in treatment.

Keratoconjunctivitis (Pinkeye :wink:) has 3 pages dedicated to it - I got lost, because I don't have the vocabulary, but I know more about it now than I ever wanted to. (Did you know it *can* be caused by worms? It can also be caused by bacteria, or viruses, or or or....:lol:)

I'm currently in the "Mammary Gland and Milk Production" chapter. I am glad I didn't have this book *before* buying goats, because the list of abnormalities of the udder is daunting. (They're rare, but....seeing them all listed is mind-boggling.) There's an entire chapter devoted to De-horning......and another on goat nutrition.

I'll be bringing this with me to the vet today, just so he can be assured that I'm not just guessing on what I need to do for my goats.

Seriously, if you have goats or are thinking about getting goats (not just dairy, but ESPECIALLY if you are going dairy) you need this book. Start saving, and look around. I got a deal...but honestly? This is one book I'd pay full price for. The Peter Dunn book is good, but it's a child's book compared to this.
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Well, today was......

not as productive as I wanted it to be, yet it was busy. Dropped the kids at school around 7:45, then headed out. First stop: Vet.

Vet visit went well - we yakked a bit. He's the only Real large animal vet in the area - everybody else is switching over to house pets. :sigh: I can see it - most horse people are like me - not wanting to spend a $35 house call for routine stuff. I even do most of the non-routine stuff, because vet visits are Expensive. (I didn't even call him when my filly, Erynne, sliced her leg open a few years ago. I was able to fix it myself......granted, she may not have scarred quite as much if he'd come out, but a) there wasn't enough skin left to suture b) I had the enzyme spray he'd have used, and c) it was the wrong time of the month to be able to afford him. :sigh:) He was impressed with my Goat Medicine book :lol: and told me he'd call if he needed any milk - it's better for orphans than cows milk.

I then headed to a new-to-me soap supply store. :snerk: I WON'T be going back; the salesman was slightly rude, the website has molds listed but they haven't carried them in almost a year, and the selection was very very sparse. (But the website says they have a lot.....nope.) They did have Tallow...but only in the 14 pound tubs. I...want to use tallow (instead of lard), but I want to try it first - not make a huge investment! :sigh:

I managed to glue the PVC soap mold together - it took forever to get the blasted cement and primer bottles open, but I managed. We'll see how it works - it's got a batch in it right now.

Oh - if you make a PVC mold like the one I showed you, don't expect to get 2 pounds of soap. No, not 2.....not looks like a 2', 3" circ PVC pipe will hold at least 4 pounds of soap. :sigh: I made 2 pounds of shaving soap today....and the mold is maybe half full.

And, speaking of...I've NEVER had a batch of soap hit trace the minute the lye mixture hits the oils. NEVER. I don't know if it was the Palm Kernel Oil, or the odd lye I used (the lye came with my soap kit....I've decided the ONLY thing good about that kit was the mold. And maybe the fragrance oil - but I haven't tried it yet. :sigh:) This lye was flaked, not powdered, and it turned my goats milk a very dark, dark tan. The soap didn't burn when it spilled on Himself (he was holding the mold up for me so I could pour) - thankfully! - so it should be OK. We'll see......

Gave Calvin and Inara their CD-T shots today. They get the booster in 21 days. Tomorrow I'll be worming them with Valbazan (tape worm).....once we dry off the milkers, everyone will get dosed with Ivermectin + (everything else). Goats are sure more complicated than horses!

I took photos today...I have a post planned, thanks to a comment Ali made a while back. :grin: We'll see if I get around to uploading the photos....

Picked up the kids from school.....and we've been on the go ever since.
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Lookie what I found!

Hoo boy! It looks like Goat Medicine is online and FREE to read! Don't know how long it'll be here, or if it's even ALL there, but......if you wanted to look at it to see if it was worth the $$$$, here ya go. (And yes, it IS worth the $$$$!)

Just wanted to share...:lol:
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