June 4th, 2010

Calvin: Toilet

:ugh: This is going to be a LONG day...

because yesterday Sweet Geek was late picking me up from work. No biggie, you say...except

a. 2 hours late
b. Not answering cell phone
b.1. Voicemail greeting had become a recording of air coming thru car windows, and radio being tuned

If you are familiar with my history, you'll understand why I was fighting to NOT freak out over this. I was not that successful.....which led to no dinner (too sick to eat) and very little sleep (brain still replaying all the "what if's".) :sigh:

The true story was that yes, he was working late on a PC that went down. He didn't notice his phone battery had died, and wasn't watching the time. Fine...only the office he was working in yesterday closes at 5; people packing up and leaving should have given him a clue. You can't tell me that there was no phone on the desk - OK, maybe he doesn't remember my cell # (I don't know his - it's preprogrammed!), but he DOES know the home phone, and the kids have my cell # posted. (It's also in my mother's cell...so they could easily have relayed a message to me).

We didn't get home until 6:45.

I'm still a mess - I took a Benedryl to try and sleep, and it failed, so I'm all groggy this morning.

Like I said, this is gonna be a LONG day......
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