June 15th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

It's Tuesday....

and payday. Huzzah! Even though I've already spent more than half of this check, it's still nice to have funds to put in the bank. For now, anyway. :grin:

The sunrise/skies this morning were GORGEOUS. Truly a work of God - beautiful, fluffy white and pink clouds, in a soft blue sky - except to the NorthWest, where they were fluffly gray clouds in a dark, stormy sky. Simply breath-taking! Now, they're gray clouds in a blue sky....rain is moving in. While I don't want the floods AR and OK have had, we *do* need rain.

I will no longer be endorsing KnitPicks. I had quit buying their needles when I found out how they treated a friend of mine.....OK, so you can't copyright/trademark a type of needle. I get that. Just because the Dyak's had come up with the slant cut laminate needle, that doesn't mean that Joe Blow over here can't make some, and sell them, too.

BUT. When you take another artist's idea, and try to TRADEMARK it so that THEY can't sell their OWN product, you've crossed a line. And that's what KP has done.

They started this a few years ago, when they (KP) came out with their Harmony needles. I didn't know the background at the time, and bought a set - they're nice needles. Cheap - and that's the thing, they are cheaply made.

Tom's needles are NOT cheap. They're not priced outrageously, but they are priced at a point that *I* can't go out and buy the full line at one time. He also doesn't have (right now, anyway :grin:) interchangables....but that's a minor detail. His Darn Pretty Needles are FABULOUS - I love 'em, and won't use anything else for sock-knitting. I have bought a couple of sets (full sets, I mean - 5 sizes, same colorway), and keep trying to budget for more.

The latest? KP has filed a - I don't know if it's a patent or a trademark; whatever, IF it goes thru, it'll prevent the Dyaks from selling their own, Made in America, needles. That THEY developed. And KP shamelessly copied.

For a while, I justified buying yarn only from KP, but not any more. I just can't - knowing how they treat REAL fiber people, I can't give them my money anymore. I'll use what I have from them, of course - I've already spent the funds, and I'm not rich enough to toss yarn on principle (in this case, I do wish I were!), but I'm not buying any more of ANYTHING from them. :sigh:

JL Yarns (on eBay) has good prices, and decent yarn. DBNY has closeouts - fantastic brands at good prices. Elann, ditto - but DBNY has slightly better prices (not as good a selection, though). Simply Sock Yarn has good prices on - what else? - sock yarns.....and there's ALWAYS eBay. And...I really need to get off my butt and spin up the fleeces I have. THAT will take care of a LOT of my yarn needs......for many, many years. :giggle: and :hangs head in shame:

:whew: Glad that's off my chest!