June 16th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Bad Horse

:sigh: That dog...

The dumped puppy, Snips, has caused *more* strife in my marriage than anything else. I finally put my foot down and paid for the training, since it was obvious that my husband really didn't want to (I think he knows the outcome. I hope I'm wrong - I don't want her to fail, but....). No biggie (well, except for the $150, but hey - that's a small price to pay for marital peace!)....except my husband is CLUELESS.

Last night, he was *shocked* at me. He was getting her ready to go, and he asked me..something, I dunno what. I don't even remember how I replied; the next question was "You don't like her, do you?" I said "Nope. I don't."

He was dumbfounded. Hello, Cluephone for Sweet Geek! Clue-by-4 on line 1! I guess all the "YOUR stupid/damn/idiotic dog ate my shoes/yarn/book/WIP gauge/whatever (or is on the damn table again!)(or jumped the damn fence AGAIN)" just flew right over his head. What part of "I really don't like this demon-in-dog-form" did he not get???

I guess he's forgotten the arguement a few months ago about her training, where I asked him point-blank when enough is enough. (He decided - grudgingly! - that 2 rounds of training was the limit, because I told him that *I* was not made of money and would NOT keep her in training forever (and, let's face it - HE doesn't want to pay for training at all!)) I guess he's also forgotten all the arguements about stuff being chewed up ("She's just a puppy!" "NO, she's not - and even so, she's been here long enough to KNOW you don't eat shoes! How many times do I have to correct her before she learns?" (3 pairs of shoes, and 1 pair of laces SO FAR. 1 pair was BRAND-NEW. :bangs head:)

He told me this morning (when I yelled at her - AGAIN - for trying to nip the goat's heads thru the fence) that it was because she's a cattle dog, and I'm just going to have to live with it. Ummm, no. If that were the case, NO shepherd would have a heeler, because you can't risk your sheep/goats (or even cows) getting hurt because the dog tried to bite them. When they are standing INSIDE the pen. And the dog's been told to leave 'em be. (Let's not mention that she's been kicked by the horses, and she STILL runs and nips their legs. I mean....she's stupid. Accept it.)

He also accused me of *wanting* her to fail her training. Nope, not at all! If she fails (twice, remember?), he's got to get rid of her, and *I'll* never hear the end of it. Why in the world would I want to live with *that* the rest of my life??

:sigh: She's a sweet dog, but Lord is she STUPID. I do fully understand why someone would dump her (not that *I* would dump a dog, but I can sure understand it in this case!) - she simply doesn't care about punishment. She knows when she's done something wrong, but she does it anyway. (In contrast, my border collie would think things thru. "I want to do x, which is bad. x is not worth punishment....I can do y. The people haven't said y is bad!" The Aussie I had was dumb, but even HE thought things thru!) We'll see what happens - this round of training has 4 more weeks to go.....
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