June 17th, 2010

Calvin: Happy Dance


Last night, Herself helped me milk. Let me repeat that: Last night, HERSELF helped me milk the goats!

This is big. Bigger than big - due to the Asberger's, she has issues. One of the ones we've been dealing with is a total dislike of the goats. Wait, that's not quite right - she doesn't dislike the goats; she doesn't mind helping medicate the kids, or haul water, or even clean the barn. She just has a "thing" about the whole milking process - it's gross, and icky, and she would NOT do it.

Until last night.

We bought feed on the way home. The kids wanted to swim.....so I said "OK. SOMEONE needs to help me milk, while someone else helps unload feed" She immediately said "I'll unload feed!" as did Himself. They wouldn't budge...until I said "OK, then. Y'all will unload the truck while Sweet Geek and I milk. IF you bust open any bags, your butt will be *mine*, because feed is expensive!"

She paused, and said "Wait. What do you mean "unload"? Do you mean...we..have to put it in the barrels, too?" "Yup!" :pause: "Ummm....I'll help milk then." :snicker:

Himself is my usual milking partner when Sweet Geek isn't available. He knows the routine....she doesn't. Didn't. She does now - because she HELPED MILK. (Yes, this is a big deal!)

I started her on Rosa....but Rosa's a bit hard to milk, so I moved her to Mocha. *Anyone* can milk Miss Mocha - she's easy-going, and usually milks out fast. :snicker:

Well, she started on Mocha while I did Annie. I finished Annie, and moved to Rosa. I was about....2/3 done when Mocha knocked over the bucket. :sigh: No biggie though - it's because Herself is slow, and Mocha ran out of feed. I refilled the feeder, and she dove in.

Ended up with 10 ounces of milk - NOT bad for a first-timer, especially not when said first-timer has issues with milking. (I think it's the whole "I have my hands on her boobies" thing, from what Herself has said.) That's about 8 oz less than we've been averaging from Mocha - so, again, that's pretty good.

I won't press the issue - she knows HOW to milk, now, and that's big. I hope she'll help out more often - we'd get done a little quicker if 3 people milk, but Rosa still takes almost 30 minutes by herself. (Got 3 pounds, 6 oz last night! Annie did 2 pounds, 3 oz, for comparison)

Still - :whee!: